Becoming a beauty omni leader with 冰球突破

这是一个关于Luxasia如何成功跨渠道管理其品牌的富有洞察力的案例研究, expanded successfully in APAC, delivered a seamless shopping experience, and maximized ROI with 冰球突破 SelluSeller.


Luxasia is an omnichannel beauty leader present in SEA, Taiwan, and Hong Kong with over 2,000 retail touchpoints across 11 countries. Since its inception in 1986, Luxasia正在为亚太地区的消费者带来来自世界各地的顶级美容品牌,为他们的生活带来改变, prestige, and premium categories. Some of these brands 包括娇兰、Hermès、Loewe、Paco Rabanne或Calvin Klein等品牌.


A leader in the beauty segment situated in multiple countries, Luxasia肩负着管理11个国家无缝电子商务运营的巨大责任. For such an organization, the challenges were quite riveting:

1. Limited Control & Visibility

每个国家销售渠道和市场的多元性和多样性自然使这样一个组织获得其运营的完全可见性具有挑战性, and therefore have perfect control of its performance.

2. Operational Errors

With an impressive portfolio of brands such as Bvlgari, Ferragamo, Guerlain, Hermes, La Prairie, Prada, and Peter Thomas Roth, Luxasia想要一个冰球突破试玩,在所有国家和所有渠道进行100%无差错的运营,以与品牌质量保持一致 & experience expected by their customers.

3. Restricted Growth

Apart from conducting error-free operations, Luxasia的首要目标是让所有渠道的品牌都获得商业上的成功. A challenging mission, especially 鉴于当时Luxasia在电子商务生态系统方面的经验有限.

4. Existing Assets & Investments

Luxasia已经在多个地区建立了仓库网络,并建立了SAP系统. 因为购买仓库SAP系统的投资相当可观, Luxasia was not willing to replace these with a new solution, 因此需要一个能与他们现有的生态系统整合的冰球突破试玩.


Luxasia Management决定注册冰球突破的签名多渠道电子商务管理软件SelluSeller. 他们决定在11个国家的运营中部署该软件的企业版本. SelluSeller是一个强大的电子商务销售管理软件与Sellers建立, Brands, e-Distributors & Services Providers in mind. SelluSeller帮助企业企业管理在泰国和亚太地区多个销售渠道的端对端电子商务运营.



对Luxasia的亚太战略来说,利用SelluSeller是一个改变游戏规则的决定. 该冰球突破在经历了订单的巨大增长后,实现了7倍的增长, 并在短短一年时间里实现了其在该地区无缝运营的雄心壮志. Here are some of the prominent pointers:

a. Expansion Across eCommerce Marketplaces

在短短8个月的时间里,Luxasia将50个品牌上线,覆盖超过220家店铺 eCommerce platforms 使用SelluSeller,而不会影响它们的后端操作或SAP定制.

b. Transformation with Existing Assets

全渠道分销商通过一种转变取得了令人印象深刻的增长 没有涉及仓储、员工或SAP实施方面的任何变化. In other words, 这种显著的利润倍增是在没有在硬资产上投资一美元的情况下实现的.

c. Control & Visibility Across Regions

With SelluSeller, Luxasia acquired complete control & visibility across its overall operations. Luxasia was able to collect data for each eCommerce order, track country-wise operations at a micro level, and visualise all their performance in one central location.

d. Error-free eCommerce Management




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